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DON'T MISS  the Aquariums Along the East Coast 

Continuing our list of the most captivating U.S. aquariums to visit, we focus on the major facilities located along the East Coast. These places are of great interest, not only from a tourism perspective but also scientifically: most organize activities that engage guests in understanding the importance of protecting our oceans and their ecosystems in a simple and captivating way.

U.S. aquariums also offer wonderful family-friendly activities; depending on the species present (ranging from tropical fish, penguins, jellyfish, dolphins, seals, and many more), visitors can engage in animal interaction activities such as helping to feed them, touching them, or otherwise interacting with them.

The top Aquariums situated along the East Coast.

  • 1) New England Aquarium (Massachusetts) This magnificent Boston aquarium delights sea lovers with a vast array of aquatic species, from marine mammals like seals and sea lions to penguins, giant octopuses, and even the elusive weedy sea dragons, which can also be seen being fed. It also houses thousands of fresh and saltwater fish, from colorful rays to majestic sharks.
    The aquarium also organizes special occasions, perfect for the whole family, such as 3D screenings about great sharks and blue whales, enchantingly rich events. During visits and encounters, the facility's guides educate on the protection and conservation of marine flora and fauna, through up-close and engaging experiences that are accessible even to those without specific knowledge. Included with the Boston Go All Inclusive PASS

  • 2) Audubon Aquarium of the Americas (Louisiana) Located in New Orleans, this wondrous U.S. aquarium captures visitors' interest with marine life ranging from the Caribbean to the Amazon rainforest, from the local waters of the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico and houses over 3600 animals across 250 species, showcased through interactive displays and engaging activities.
    Among the creatures that draw the most attention are the African penguins (a highly endangered species) and white alligators, as well as the intriguing lionfish and cownose rays, which seem to almost fly in the water by flapping their pectoral fins like wings. An enthralling journey into the underwater world!

  • 3) Shedd Aquarium (Illinois) This facility, located in Chicago, is historic: opened in 1930, it was once the world's largest indoor aquarium and still offers an exceptional experience for marine life enthusiasts (it contains over 25,000 fish and 1,500 different species, thus an immense variety). One of its most beloved attractions is the Pacific Northwest Habitat, which recreates the coastal environment of the Pacific Northwest.
    Among the main species are beluga whales, dolphins, penguins, and various shark species, making it one of the most beloved aquariums in the United States. Besides admiring the animals, visitors can participate in themed exhibitions organized by the Shedd. A recent addition is the Shedd Go! app for more information about the animals while visiting the exhibition. Included with the Go Chicago All Inclusive PASS

  • 4) Georgia Aquarium (Georgia) Atlanta's aquarium is renowned worldwide for its vast array of marine species, with thousands of animals swimming across seven galleries, immersed in over 11 million gallons of water. Beyond simply observing the animals, the facility offers interactive experiences like shark and ray encounters, and presentations of sea lions and dolphins.
    The Georgia Aquarium is heavily involved in scientific research, promoting programs dedicated to the conservation of endangered species, particularly the African penguin, but also many shark species that, although generally considered dangerous, play a key role in the marine ecosystem, which would suffer unimaginable damage without them.

National Aquarium - Georgia Aquarium - New York Aquarium





  • 5) New York Aquarium (New York) Located at Coney Island, this splendid U.S. aquarium, managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society, houses a wide variety of marine species, from penguins to jellyfish, offering visitors enjoyable educational paths that highlight the importance of aquatic ecosystems.
    Among the activities offered by the New York Aquarium are up-close encounters with penguins and sea lions (held only from April to October) and various outdoor shows on La Barceloneta beach. Not to mention the sea turtles and various types of sharks, species to be admired, obviously, in complete safety.

  • 6) National Aquarium (Maryland) The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, is one of the largest and most famous aquariums in the United States. It hosts a vast variety of marine animals, including various species of jellyfish, charming clownfish, and other colorful and fascinating tropical fish and rays. The aquarium organizes engaging activities for guests, perfect for the whole family, including educational shows on marine ecosystem conservation topics.
    Other visitor-participation activities include interactive experiences, like the “Dolphin Encounter,” where you can interact with dolphins in a safe and controlled manner. One of the main attractions of the National Aquarium is the large shark tank, allowing close observation of these fascinating marine predators.


Happy exploration of the underwater world in the best aquariums in the USA, and have a good trip!








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