Discover Miami: The City - Activities and Trip-Guide

Miami, located on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida, is worldwide known for its year-round warm weather, pristine beaches, exuberant nightlife, luxurious resorts & sunshine! 

Index: Discover Miami: The City - Activities and Trip-Guide

How to discover Miami

This Florida city is a major hub & leader in international trade, finance, commerce, but also culture, media, arts and entertainment. Miami’s metro area, with a population of around 5.5 millions, is the 8th most populous area in the USA.

Miami is also renowned for its cruise terminal,  the Port of Miami is the largest cruise passenger port in the world, so it’s not just a case that Miami is doubled “Cruise Capital of the World”.

Miami offers an eclectic mix of cultures, especially from South America, architecture-styles, spanning from Art-Deco to Modern, eclectic arts & more. The city also features a unique urban development, with the Downtown area and its tall modern skyscrapers,  with Coral Gables and Coconut Groves and their mansions and well-kept lawns,  with  South Beach and its Art-Deco District, Little Havana and its Cuban influences, Wynwood and the Design District with their graffiti and art-galleries and so on.
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As you can see, Miami offers an incredible variety of activities to perform and attractions to visit. From soaking up the sun, to sightseeing these diverse neighborhoods, discovering new cultures, shopping, dining and last but definitely not least discovering the National Park and the incredible ecosystem known as the Everglades!

Miami: Map, Quick Facts, and Weather

South Florida and Miami are famous worldwide for their tropical climate, featuring hot, rainy, humid summers, and short, dry, warm winters, making Miami and South Florida a top most-visited destination not only for international visitors but also for northern Americans and Canadians looking for a break from their long cold winters!

Miami offers a wide selection of resorts and hotels, from budget-style accommodation to luxurious, and many hotels are located right on the beach and feature large swimming pools, tropical gardens, Spas, gyms, restaurants & more! In Miami you can have a Caribbean-style vacation in a large American metropolis setting.

It’s recommended you take few ‘breaks” from the sun and the sea to visit this diverse city, its top neighborhoods and also to adventure, for a day or more, down to the Keys and to the Everglades National Park to explore this unique and incredible ecosystem only found in Florida. (And of course the Alligators!)



To be able to love and appreciate the “Greater Miami” we must first understand that embraces at least three major different areas, each of which is capable of making an unforgettable time spent exploring the different cultures: Latin, Caribbean, making it the capital of the north the Latin world.

The City of Miami, directly on the coast, includes the main areas of Downtown Miami, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables. Let's go to discover the: Neighborhoods in Miami

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