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On a Road Trip across the US, you cannot miss visiting at least one of the US National Parks. There are 62 protected areas recognized as National Parks and administered by the National Park Service. National parks protect our most precious landscapes and natural resources, from the majestic mountain ranges of Alaska to the vast grasslands of the Everglades.

What do they offer and why you should visit the US Natl Parks

Visiting some of these places can truly be a mystical experience. These territories are boundless natural and wild landscapes that will fascinate you. The area of ​​Las Vegas alone contains some real jewels such as Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Antelope with Horseshoe Bend & Lake Powell, Monument Valley together with some mythical cities of the West.

Ideal starting points to kick start your On the Road Vacation are big cities like
  • San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego in California for the West coast region
  • Las Vegas in Nevada for the South West region
  • Denver in Colorado for the deserts region
  • Chicago in the Mid-West for the Northern region
  • New York and Bsoton in the East for the North East region
  • Miami in Florida for the South East region
These big hubs offer several airports which usually means better flight deals as well as easy access to a variety of rental car companies so supply shouldn't be an issue. Remember the smaller or more secluded the airport is, the higher the rental car prices may be as well as limited availability.

How to visit the parks: how much time to dedicate and which activities to choose from

Inside the parks, there are many activities that can be done depending on what you are in the mood for - trekking, rafting, horseback riding with rangers, or with Native Americans. You can enjoy incredible sunsets and sunrises, stroll along the natural path, or take a boat ride. Some parks, such as Zion Park, for example, require long walks and good physical condition to reach some of the more secluded observation points. So, depending on your interests and preferences, you have two options:

1 - Spend at least 2 or 3 days in the Park. Especially if you want to partake in some activities such as guided tours or you simply want to explore the park more deeply, removed from the crowds, and at a slower pace.

2 - Visit the Park quickly traveling by car along the paved routes (loops) that take you to the most common observation points for photos and videos. Of course, as these are the most easily reachable points, be ready to "share them" with lots of other people.

Driving to and inside the parks

Tips: They may seem superfluous but we want to share them with you anyway!

Always pay attention to the gasoline. Check the gas stations along the route, the closer you get to the park entrance, the more you pay for gas, or worst you might not find a gas station for miles. The bottom line, make sure the tank is full.

Similar to the gas issue, even supply of water and food can run low and you may not find any for many miles! So plan accordingly.

Where to sleep, inside or outside the park?

Being able to stay overnight in the parks is certainly an experience to try, the prices are medium to high, and the facilities are very spartan, but in some cases, it is really worth it. The only advice is to book well in advance, these lodges are not big venues, space is limited and domestic tourism is high, especially in the summer, and if the dates of your trip coincide with the high season, we are talking about making reservations at least 6 months to a full year in advance.

However, there are many hotels and lodges that can be found nearby, but even in this case the closer they are to the park's entrance, the earlier is better to book.

Distances between parks can be great, so you'll have to make a choice. Some itineraries require at least 15 days to be able to enter and visit these natural wonders. Write us if you have questions, if you want to make changes to one of our itineraries, we will be happy to customize it together based on your preferences.

How much does the entrance to the US National Parks cost

  • Joshua Tree $25.00 per vehicle (including passengers) valid for 7 days
  • Grand Canyon $35.00per vehicle (including passengers) valid for 7 days
  • Monument Valley The Navajo National Monument is a park with free entry
  • Lake Powell $25.00 per vehicle (including passengers) valid for 7 days
  • Bryce Canyon $35.00 per vehicle (including passengers) valid for 7 days
  • Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon $25.00 per vehicle (including passengers) valid for 7 days
  • Death Valley & Bad Water $25.00 per vehicle (including passengers) valid for 7 days
  • Yosemite Park $35.00 per vehicle (including passengers) valid for 7 days
  • Yearly PASS  valid for all parks $80 per vehicle. The Pass grants admission to 2000 National Parks and Historic Sites - Officil Website


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