Travel Guides and Information to Explore the US

US Travel Guide - Exploring the United States

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Travel and Discover the USA with us!

Are you planning a trip to the USA and need information on the places you will visit?
Are you looking for travel ideas to visit the United States?
Will you be in one of the big American cities in the next few months and want to search for Events not to be missed and/or Attractions to visit during your stay?
Do you need general information on where to sleep, what adapters to bring, what to eat and other "good to know" general about visiting the USA?

For the answers to all these questions and much more, we have created this section of the "Travel Guides". Here you can find a series of informative sheets from the more general ones to the most specific that can help you both during the travel planning phase and maybe even during your stay in the US!

To facilitate navigation and research we have divided this section into 2 Macro-Categories.


For Those Who Want To Travel In The USA

Sometimes a journey starts from just a dream, and sometimes the dream becomes an idea. But then, to take the idea and make it a reality, it often requires extensive research, especially knowledge of the territory and a good amount of data that doesn't seem to be easily available to everyone. In this section, you will find various information sheets divided by interests, regions & territories, budgets, etc. We all plan our travels in different ways, there are those who first choose based on flight offers, who based on vacation days v. local weather/climate, who based on the type of activities and trip they prefer at that moment, who based strictly on budget, and so on.

To give you some examples here is what you might find in this section -
  • Understandig the different Regions of the US
  • Weather and Seasons in the US
  • Hotels and Accommodations America - Understanding the different Categories
  • Breakfast Included, is it worth it?
  • GPS & Internet in the US
  • The most popular National Parks
  • Where to eat the most authentic BBQ


Will you visit a Great American Metropolis?

If you are already planning a trip to the USA and/or know that your itinerary will certainly include some big American cities from Los Angeles to Chicago, etc. then here below you can find out general info on major events, museums, and attractions (and more) in each big city. This section is always in continuous development and every week we add interesting events and things to see so we advise you to circle back to it often to see the latest news and updated information.