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Traveling in The US with a Group

We are talking about the United States, an immense territory that knows how to offer plenty of things to visit and do ... from big metropolises rich in charm, history, arts like San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Washington and New York, to National Parks that will leave you breathless, from the great canyons to the red sandstone rocks, from the deserts to the rainforests, from the rocky mountains & giants sequoias to the white beaches and the great prairies.

It is not always easy to choose according to your needs and likes, for those who'd like to venture off alone doing a traditional Road Trip, we have a special section for you, but for those who prefer to travel without worries, free from the anxiety of driving for miles and miles, simply sitting back and relaxing aboard a motor-coach while enjoying the road and the views listening to the commentary of the tour guide with you for the entire itinerary, this is the section for you.



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Departing from New York

Interested in Group Travels departing from New York? We have our site entirely dedicated to the Big Apple, go and visit our proposals on NewYorkWelcome