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When planning a trip, especially on the road in the United States, having to choose one or more hotel accommodations can become a bit of a challenge. They range from sup. category to budget hotels, from motels - as seen in movies roadside - to more sophisticated venues in the vicinity or within National Parks.

If you want to read some info on the main destinations Visiting the United States: All our Top Destinations You can also find some ideas on itineraries created for a Road Trips in The US .

When to book the Hotel

If your trip takes you to a big city like San Francisco - Los Angeles - Chicago, etc, you can book your accommodation in advance but it's not a must. Remember that especially for certain dates and seasons, it is easy to find higher rates and fewer choices. On the other hand, if yours is a road trip with stops in the vicinity of a national park, it is advisable to book well in advance, months in advance especially for the Summer Season as accommodations tend to be scarce and sell out fast.

What helps you choose the right hotel for you

Be careful what the prices shown online include -- breakfast, internet, parking may not be free, or included in the rate displayed. Usually, overnight taxes and fees are added at the end of your stay. Pay attention to possible cancellation penalties that apply in case of cancellations, or if, as almost always nowadays, cancellation is free up to 24 hrs in advance. Note that certain hotels especially those in remote areas or inside National Parks have a very strict cancellation policy -- even months in advance!

We know that comparing prices on multiple websites can take time and you end up exhausted! Here we propose some hotels that you can easily book online and that have been tested by us and our clients before with positive feedbacks. But if you still don't feel safe or sure about booking online, you can find us in the Chat in the bottom right corner of the page, and one of our specialists can help you make the right selection.

Remember that if you are driving it can be advantageous to choose a hotel right outside the city center, the parking should free and the nightly rate more affordable.


Embarking on a journey of ultimate relaxation and indulgence begins with choosing the perfect destination. In the realm of lavish comfort and unbridled luxury, the United States boasts a collection of all-inclusive resorts that are nothing short of paradisiacal. Each establishment, carefully curated and elegantly presented, offers a bespoke experience designed to pamper every guest from dawn till dusk.

The concept of an all-inclusive vacation is synonymous with a stress-free escape. Every detail, from gourmet dining to sumptuous accommodations and a diverse array of leisure activities, is meticulously crafted and included in the initial price. This allows guests the liberty to immerse fully in the serene ambiance without a worry in the world about additional expenses.

Imagine waking up to the gentle lull of the ocean, with a day stretching ahead filled with leisure and discovery - all planned to perfection. Culinary delights await at every meal, prepared by acclaimed chefs committed to tantalizing your palate. Your accommodation, a haven of comfort, combines modern amenities with exquisite touches of elegance, ensuring rest and relaxation.

In the United States, the epitome of such an experience is encapsulated in seven premier all-inclusive resorts. Each one, distinct in its charm and offerings, presents a unique narrative of opulence and leisure. From the tranquil beaches of Florida to the iconic landscapes of Colorado, these resorts are geographical gems, seamlessly integrating the natural beauty of their locales with architectural magnificence.

As we unveil these seven jewels of American hospitality, prepare to embark on a visual and sensory journey through corridors of elegance, along pristine beaches, and into havens of tranquility and luxury. Each resort promises not just a vacation, but a transformative experience where every moment is tailored to elevate your sense of well-being, comfort, and satisfaction.

Join us, as we unravel an odyssey of luxury, showcasing resorts where exclusivity meets unrivaled service, and where every guest is immersed in an atmosphere that not only meets but surpasses, every expectation for an unforgettable getaway.

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Have you already decided which parks to visit? Start your search here to find and book lodging in the most visited parks, or scroll down for tips on hotels and lodging in the big cities:


Some tips on where to sleep in Los Angeles:
  • Take into account the vastness of the territory and the different neighborhoods.
  • If you have a car, you can also afford to choose a less central, and therefore less expensive, area.
  • Sometimes the choice of the hotel will be based on what you want to visit in LA and the time you want to spend in city of Angels.
  • As always, pay attention to what the rate includes - taxes, parking, internet, and possible breakfast - and in case you need to use public transportation, make sure it's easily accessible.
Los Angeles Downtown: you are more or less in the middle and you can move freely around the Greater Los Angeles Area. West Hollywood: luxury, shopping, nightlife, and last but not least the theater house! Downtown and Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

You have a wide selection of hotels in Los Angeles, you final choice will depend on your budget, click the link below, select what you are looking for, and filter by price. You might also be interested in knowing when to visit Los Angeles Meteo & Temperature >>> >>>

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Hotels and Lodgings in Los Angeles


San Francisco is a city full of attractions and with many places to visit, but it is also a very expensive city, so the choice of your hotel will depend a lot on what you want to do during your stay and your available budget while always remaining within safe areas. Read also Best Time to visit San Francisco >>> >>>
Some tips on where to sleep in San Francisco:
  • If you want to stay in the center of most tourist activities, the neighborhoods to choose from are -- Fisherman’s Wharf with the famous Pier 39,  Ferry Building and Union Square famous shop.
  • Lombard Street, Nob Hill are the residential neighborhoods.
  • Chinatown e Marina District re recommended for their lower prices. In Chinatown you are in the city-center very convenient to get around the city on foot.

See all the Accommodations available in San Francisco

Hotels and Lodgings in San Francisco


If you have chosen to stop in Las Vegas during your trip, you will surely be attracted by what this city built in the middle of desert has to offer - attractions, gambling, lights, and entertainment - and the famous Las Vegas Resorts. Read our guide on when to When to visit Las Vegas? Useful Tips >>> -  plus, here some tips on where to sleep in Las Vegas::
  • The famous Strip, the Boulevard that houses all the most famous hotels -- Caesars Palace, The Venetian, Bellagio
  • Book early to secure the best prices and note that hotels tend to offer discounted rates Sunday to Thursday.
  • Always check what's included - parking, pool access, and wi-fi might not be included and along with overnight taxes, many hotels apply a steep, daily, resort fee to let you use the facilities.

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Hotels and Lodgings in Las Vegas


To be able to love and appreciate Miami to the fullest, you must first understand that it encloses at least three vast and largely different areas equally capable of making your time in Miami discovering the different cultures, mainly Latin and Caribbean, quite unforgettable. It's not a joke when they say Miami is the northern capital of the Latin world.

The City of Miami is located directly on the Atlantic Coast and includes the main areas of Miami Downtown, Coconut Grove, and Coral Gables. Miami Downtown stretches southeast taking up part of the coastline and overlooks the beautiful Biscayne Bay. The Miami River divides it into north and south joint by the Brickell Ave Bridge. Here we find the Adrienne Arsht Center, Bayfront Park, the Museum of Art, the Freedom Tower, Gusman Center.

ChooseThe Best Time to Travel to Miami & South Florida >>>

The City of Miami Beach, located on the island in front of Miami, is connected to the mainland by several bridges and is divided into North Miami Beach and South Beach.
Some tips on where to sleep in Miami Beach:

If you want to stay in Miami South Beach, the center of the nightlife, Ocean Drive offers Art Deco-style hotels and has a wide selection -- we point out:

for those who want to rediscover the atmosphere of the thirties, overlooking the ocean.

,  considered the best-kept secret in town. Located in the northern part of Miami Beach a short distance from the town center of Bal Harbor.

See all the Accommodations available in Miami
Hotels and Lodgings in Miami


Some tips on where to sleep in Orlando:
If you are visiting Florida you will surely have included a stop in one of Orlando's famous Theme Parks -- Disney World and/or Universal Studios. You can choose one of the Resorts located inside the parks or in the nearby areas, we like to point out: the International Drive area, a wide Boulevard where museums and theme parks are concentrated and with a wide offer of hotels for all sorts of budgets from inexpensive to luxury options.
The Maingate East & West areas, or the less touristy areas of Downtown & North Orlando.
Choose the best time for your trip: read the article >>>

View all the Accommodations available in Orlando

Hotels and Lodgings in Orlando


If you love music, architecture, and good food, Chicago is a "must" and you shouldn't miss a visit, it's a wonderful city that will fascinate you. Art and music are present in theaters and in the streets. Chicago has the Opera House, recognized as one of the most important, and the Symphonic Music Theater, directed by Maestro Riccardo Muti, but music is also present in many small theaters and historic venues, Chicago remains the home of the Blues and Jazz.

For the architecture of Millennium Park, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion Symphonic Theater designed by Architect Frank Gehry is the focus, then the large fountains, Crown Fountain designed by Catalan artist Jaume Plensae and the splendid Cloud Gate sculpture by Anish Kapoor.
It overlooks Lake Michigan, a lake that looks like an ocean great for sailing or surfing, and features an impressive Pier and a Ferris Wheel.

Some tips on where to sleep in Chicago:
Chicago is also one of the cities that boasts the highest number of skyscrapers and with the highest density, combining the classic architecture with the super-modern.
Sleeping in Chicago is not exactly cheap, The Windy City, as it is called, is one of the most visited cities in the States, both for tourism and business. This makes it necessary to book well in advance and if you book for the weekend you can find lower prices.
We advise against the suburbs for safety reasons and to stay in the central areas, you can choose between: Chicago Loop in the center - Near North Side - South Side.
Beware of the climate too, Choose the Season to Visit Chicago - Useful Tips >>>

Among the hotels we point out:
PENINSULA CHICAGO 108 EAST SUPERIOR STREET. The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago is the most sophisticated and luxurious hotel in the city, and one of the most awarded hotels in North America, able to offer the grace of the Far East combined with the hospitality of the Midwest. Located in the heart of the Magnificent Mile, it offers guests the opportunity to discover Chicago in all its aspects, from the famous centers of Blues and Jazz music to museums, architecture, restaurants, and shopping. As you enter the Peninsula you will be welcomed into a salon with oriental tones and highly professional staff who will be able to fulfill your every wish.

CONRAD CHICAGO – 52 N. RUSHSTREET  The Conrad Hotel in Chicago is beautifully located on the Magnificent Mile and combines elegance and style with simplicity ensuring an unforgettable stay in the city recognized as the capital of the art and finance of the Midwest. At the Conrad in Chicago, you can feel at home, the exterior charm is the vintage look of a 1929 building but inside you will find all the comfort and luxury of a modern ***** Hotel. At the center of all the major points of interest in Chicago, it will be easy to walk to Navy Pier or the famous Loop district with all its historic buildings, museums, and theaters, and for those who love shopping, you will be in the center of the most famous shopping street of the United States -- Magnificent Mile.

PALMER HOUSE HILTON 17 East Monroe Street. At the Palmer Hotel in Chicago, you can breathe history as soon as you enter the wonderful Lobby, the large rooms, the decoration, the thousand lights, and chandeliers remind you that you are in the most historic hotel in Chicago. Completely renovated with a cost of 170 million dollars it has been restored to its maximum splendor. Beautifully located in the heart of the Loop, this hotel offers easy access to all the attractions that Chicago has to offer.

ALLEGRO HOTEL CHICAGO 171 W. Randolph Street. The Allegro Hotel Chicago is a Boutique Hotel conveniently located in the center of the Theater District in the famous Chicago Loop. This trendy boutique hotel is located in a historic building and inside it has managed to enhance its history by combining it with elegant modern furnishings, bright colors, and well-appointed details.

See all the Accommodations available in Chicago

Hotels and Lodgings in Chicago


Some tips on where to sleep in Boston:
Boston is one of the loveliest and most distinctive cities, where old and new mix in total harmony. The city is quite contained but if you want to stay in the city center the prices for sleeping are not exactly cheap and we advise you to book in advance especially in the most visited seasons -- summer and autumn.
Perhaps it will help you to know The Best Time to Visit Boston >>>
Boston has a good subway network that connects the whole city. The neighborhoods to consider are:
  • Boston Downtown
  • Little Italy
  • Beacon Hill with its cobbled-stone streets
  • Chinatown
  • Back Bay rich in architecture
  • Right outside Boston you will have Cambridge with Harvard and the MIT, the center is easily reachable by subway in a few minutes.
Let's now see some recommended hotels:
FAIRMONT COPLEY PLAZA – 138 St. James Avenue - Always considered one of the best hotels in the city for its impeccable service and incredible elegance rich in history, culture, and tradition. The 1912 building was designed by the famous architect Henry Janeway Hardenbergh who also designed the Plaza in New York and the Willard in Washington DC. Located in Boston's historic Back Bay, it overlooks Copley Square, surrounded by famous historical landmarks such as the Public Library, Trinity Church, and the Hancock Tower. Since its opening, it has always hosted famous people, including presidents, dignitaries, and celebrities.

ROYAL SONESTA HOTEL – 40 Edwin Land Blvd - Cambridge. The Royal Sonesta Hotel in Boston is the ideal hotel for those who love tranquility, comfort, and attentive service but above all for those who love art -- inside you can admire one of the most surprising collections of works of art, paintings, and sculptures are displayed in every corner of the hotel to delight the guest. The Sonesta Hotel is located in the Cambridge neighborhood on the banks of the Charles River offering the best view of Boston, close to the famous MIT and the Science museum, and opposite the Cambridge Side Galleria shopping center with more than 120 shops. With a pleasant ten minute walk, you will find yourself in the middle of Beacon Hill among the typical tree-lined streets and characteristic Bostonian houses.

See all the Accommodations available in Boston

Hotels and Lodgings in Boston


Washington DC (District of Columbia), is a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States Congress. Named in honor of George Washington, the City of Washington was founded in 1791 to become the new Nation's Capital. During the war of 1812, British forces invaded the capital and the Capitol, the seat of the Treasury, and the White House were burned and gutted. Most of the government buildings were quickly repaired, only the Capitol was not completed, to its present form, until 1868.

Read our article The Best Time to Travel to Washington DC >>>

Some tips on where to sleep in Washington DC - The neighborhoods:
  • Georgetown: the historic district of WDC, lively and fun both by day and night, many restaurants, bistros, places with live music, full of stores for shopping. It is a neighborhood where politicians and famous people live, therefore expensive. There aren't many hotels, but all of them are of quality and the prices are medium-high. Also, public transportation is not convenient, few Metro stops, but walking in Georgetown is definitely one of the experiences to do in WDC. If your stay includes a few more days, this is an area we recommend.
    RECOMMENDED HOTEL: The Georgetown House Boutique Inn, excellent value for money and close to a bus stop.

  • Dupont Circle: the lively neighborhood is elegant and worldly, with good restaurants and many boutiques. This is where most of the embassies are located (Embassy Row); unlike Georgetown, it is well served by the Metro.
    RECOMMENDED HOTELRoyal Sonesta Washington DC, excellent central location close to all major attractions and close to a metro stop.

  • Downtown: Downtown Washington, near the National Mall with its museums (all free,) Capitol Hill and the White House. Lively during the day but quieter in the evening, one of the safest neighborhoods of WDC and certainly suitable for those who are stopping in DC for a few days and want to have everything close-by. Well connected to the rest of the city with Public Transportation.
    RECOMMENDED HOTELCapitol Hill Hotel

See all the Accommodations available in Washington DC

Hotels and Lodgings in Washington DC


San Diego is synonymous with sun, beaches, and nature. If you are visiting California don't miss it! It has a wide range of hotels to meet any budget.

Where to sleep in San Diego
Staying in the city, the Little Italy neighborhood as well as being among the safest will give you plenty of excellent restaurants.
The Marina Embarcadero district, on the other hand, not only keeps you close to the center and all the major attractions but offers you the San Diego Bay with the beautiful views of the harbor.
If you want to feel instead in Mexico choose the Old Town area, San Diego is the oldest city in California and this is its first settlement.
But to find the true Historic Downtown of San Diego you have to move to the Gaslamp neighborhood.

You might want to read  The Best Time to Travel to San Diego >>>

See all the Accommodations available in San Diego

Hotels and Lodgings in San Diego

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