The Best Beaches along the US Atlantic Coast – part 1


THE US ATLANTIC COAST  and Its Best Beaches 

When thinking of America's most popular beaches, California and Hawaii often come to mind, yet the East Coast also offers many stunning destinations. Along the Eastern Seaboard of the USA, there are beaches with crystal-clear water and white sand that could make the Caribbean jealous, true gems that we highly recommend discovering.

This article showcases 30 of the best beaches in the United States, from Nantucket to Cape May and Virginia Beach. Once you've picked your favorite spot, it's wise to book in advance: these dream destinations fill up quickly!


  • 1) Manhattan Beach (NY) Manhattan Beach, at the eastern end of Brooklyn, is the pride of a neighborhood that was once a renowned luxury resort in the late 19th century. Thanks to entrepreneur Austin Corbin, the area was transformed with railways and the construction of five-star hotels, casinos, and even a racetrack.
    Today, Manhattan Beach is famous for its luxury villas, a well-maintained park with children's play areas and tennis courts, and an equipped beach. It is peaceful and family-friendly, with picnics and barbecues on the weekend. Accessible by subway or with ample paid parking, it offers outdoor activities and fishing.

  • 2) East Hampton (NY) Among luxurious villas and spectacular cliffs, the beach at East Hamptons captivates with its natural beauty, inviting relaxation and refreshing swims in its crystal-clear waters. Its golden sands stretch for miles, making it one of the most inviting beaches on the East Coast of the USA.
    Sports enthusiasts can indulge in beach volleyball or surfing, while nature lovers can explore coastal trails and engage in bird watching. At sunset, East Hampton is perfect for a romantic stroll along the beach or a picnic overlooking the ocean.

  • 3) Great Point and Madaket, Nantucket (Massachusetts) At the eastern end of Nantucket, Great Point is one of the world's most secluded beaches: reaching it requires a four-wheel drive and a permit. Once there, you're rewarded with miles of pristine beach, a historic lighthouse adding charm to the landscape, and numerous seabirds inhabiting the area.
    Madaket Beach, located at the island's opposite end, is another excellent choice, particularly loved for its sunset views over the sea. Both offer an authentic and tranquil experience, far from the crowds, perfect for those seeking a more intimate connection with the island's wild nature.

  • 4) Block Island (Rhode Island) The beach at Block Island, along the Eastern Seaboard of the USA, is ideal for basking in the sun or for a relaxing stroll along the shore. The crystal-clear sea waters invite swimming, snorkeling, and sport fishing, offering an immersive experience in marine life. Accessible by ferry, Block Island exudes all the charm of New England. Mohegan Bluffs offers clay cliffs and a view that extends to Montauk, Long Island; it's well worth climbing the 141 wooden steps that lead to the beach.

  • 5) Cape May (New Jersey) The beaches of this locale on the Jersey Shore have been declared the state's favorites, and the availability of Victorian bed and breakfasts is a major draw for visitors from across the country. Indeed, the charming town, home to some of the best beaches in the United States, was listed among the National Historic Landmarks in 1976. Characterized by fine white sand and calm waves, the area is perfect for activities such as swimming and stand-up paddleboarding. The nature in Cape May is rich in marine life, an ideal habitat for many species of migratory birds, attracting birdwatching enthusiasts.

  • 6) Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts) The beaches of Martha's Vineyard, located on the picturesque coastal island of Massachusetts, are a haven of natural beauty and tranquility. Moshup Beach, also known as Aquinnah Beach, is situated at the island's western end.The famous Gay Head Cliffs, a national monument, provide a stunning backdrop to this secluded destination, requiring a 10-minute walk from the parking area. Thanks to its distance from populated areas, numerous hiking trails allow for the exploration of the island's untouched nature.

  • 7) Assateague Island (Maryland) The beaches of Assateague Island in Maryland are truly special. Many consider them among the best beaches in the United States, thanks to the presence of wild horses that roam and graze freely on the sand. While it's advisable to keep a safe distance, this spectacle adds a touch of magic to the stay. Besides horse spotting, Assateague Island's beaches are ideal for water sports like surfing, swimming, and fishing. The island's wild and untouched nature also offers opportunities for hiking and birdwatching (herons, ospreys, and bald eagles make the experience memorable).





  • 8) Southampton (New York) Just a stone's throw from East Hampton, Southampton boasts a coastline of over 11 kilometers. Heading to Cooper's Beach, located in the East End, and admiring the sumptuous villas along Meadow Lane from the sand is a must-do: these are some of the best beaches in the United States. The surrounding nature is teeming with life, with sand dunes hosting a variety of coastal plants and animals, from woodcocks and herons nesting along the coast to squirrels and rabbits approaching the beach in search of food. A true biodiversity paradise.

  • 9) Kennebunkport (Maine) On Kennebunkport beach, the white sand stretches for nearly six kilometers along the coast, inviting visitors to enjoy the seascape. The nature in this part of the US East Coast is lush, with pine forests overlooking the ocean and offering a cool refuge. The barrier at Goose Rocks Beach, visible at low tide, protects the coast from rough waves. Searching for marine creatures in the tidal pools is a popular activity, especially among children, who delight in discovering sea life (especially crabs) among the rocks.

  • 10) Sand Beach (Maine) At Sand Beach in Maine, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Located in the heart of Acadia National Park, this hidden gem is accessible via Park Loop Road and is ideal for taking a break after a hike. Though the water may be too cold for swimming, this is one of the best beaches in the United States for its scenery, made even more picturesque by the mountains that loom over the sea. Sports enthusiasts can engage in birdwatching along the rocky coast, spotting terns and cormorants.

  • 11) Harvey’s Beach (Connecticut) On Harvey's Beach in Connecticut, golden sand welcomes visitors to the charming backdrop of the quaint town of Old Saybrook. This beach is perfect for families: lifeguards ensure a safe environment for swimming, and there's no shortage of a snack bar and a playground. On this East Coast beach, non-residents can purchase daily or seasonal passes for paid parking, then head to the shore for their favorite activities, be it swimming, kayaking, or paddleboarding.

  • 12) Bethany Beach (Delaware) Just a few hours' drive from Washington D.C., the gentle waves at Bethany Beach lull visitors as the golden sand stretches to the horizon. Nature reigns supreme here, with a diverse coastal flora (beach amaranth, sand rose, and other species). The deep blue sea and its crystal-clear waters invite water sports like surfing and kayaking. Along the boardwalk, one can stroll past shops, restaurants, and mini-golf courses, adding a city touch to the beach experience.

  • 13) Fire Island (New York) Fire Island's nature is captivating, with winding dunes and lush vegetation embracing the coast. This place is worth visiting to escape the city's chaos and immerse in unspoiled nature; walking along the shore, the lucky ones might even spot deer venturing onto the beach. Much loved by New York City residents, who consider it one of the best beaches in the United States, Fire Island offers both wild nature and more urban areas equipped with restaurants and shops: a perfect mix for an unforgettable outing.

  • 14) Rehoboth Beach (Delaware) Rehoboth Beach in Delaware stretches a white sand expanse over 48 kilometers of coast that are part of the Delaware Shores. Here, state parks offer beautiful natural trails like the Gordon Pond Trail (perfect for birdwatching) and the Breakwater Trail. The sea, with its crystal-clear waters, invites swimming and water sports like surfing and jet skiing.
    Families can enjoy the golden sand and crystal-clear waters, while sports lovers can indulge in surfing, swimming, and beach volleyball. Moreover, Rehoboth Beach is renowned as a recreational destination for the LGBT community, offering an inclusive and welcoming environment for all visitors. In the evening, immerse yourself in Dewey Beach's rich nightlife, lively with bars and venues hosting live music and special events in this vibrant East Coast locale.

  • 15) Long Beach Island (New Jersey) Long Beach Island in New Jersey stretches nearly 29 kilometers of golden sand (perfect for playing and building castles), interspersed with charming bays. Not to be confused with Long Island's Long Beach, this destination is a beloved spot on the Jersey Shore. The location is enhanced by the presence of the iconic Barnegat Lighthouse, also known as Old Barney. Don't miss the fantastic annual kite festival on the beach, held every year between April and June, depending on the weather. Between nature and culture, it's certainly one of the best beaches in the United States located on the East Coast.

  • 16) Ditch Plains (New York) In Montauk, a town at the eastern end of Long Island, lies the small but popular Ditch Plains, known as a surfer's paradise due to its rough waters and big waves that make the most of the ocean. This delightful East Coast beach also offers hiking opportunities. The most renowned trails are the Montauk Point State Park Trail and the Camp Hero State Park Trail, allowing immersion in the area's natural habitat, spotting cormorants and herons, hares, and squirrels.

  • 17) Coney Island (New York) Coney Island is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in the United States, for its location, safety, beauty, and attractions. Being one of New York's oldest beaches, it draws visitors from all over the world thanks to its world-class amusement park, snow-white soft sand, and numerous beach facilities. Here, a bustling amusement park is also available; sporting events, culinary contests, international competitions, and world-class shows are held: unique and engaging experiences for all visitors and beachgoers.











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