Yosemite National Park – A Travel Experience


 Yosemite National Park by Claudia Ciardulli

You will truly feel teeny tiny in the presence of Mother Nature, this is the effect that the Yosemite National Park will have on you!
You know, Mother Nature hides many secrets, but here, between the valleys of the Sierra Nevada and their magic, you will discover unique landscapes of majestic cliffs, waterfalls and giant sequoias.
The Yosemite National Park is the most visited Park in California located approximately 187 miles (300 km) from San Francisco and about 310 miles (500 km) from Los Angeles, and it’s one of the attractions you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting San Francisco.

The park is worldwide famous for its waterfalls (the highest in North America!), for its granite peaks, and its biodiversity. Get ready! You’ll see the unique flora and fauna with deers, chamois and … watch out for the bears!
In addition, since 1984, the Yosemite Valley has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
A true world’s gem!
Whatever season you are in, the Yosemite Park will give you unique views: Spring is the perfect season for long walks to discover every corner of the park, and why not, for camping under the California starry nights! This is the season of the falls; the first morning sun begins to melt the glaciers and the spring water begins to descend impetuously. Pack your raincoat and go take pictures that will make all your friends envious!
Winter is the perfect season for those who love winter sports and the beauty of the snow-covered mountain tops. This is the season of the fabulous white views! Among the huge granite rocks, check the El Capitan! The name says it all, he is “the captain”, the most majestic rock of the park and it is no coincidence that this rock has inspired a giant like Apple to name the current Macintosh operating system. But El Capitan has also a romantic soul, at sunset when the sun hits it right before setting down, the huge granite changes color to give rosy shades.

Magical is the Half Dome, the highest granite rock of the park and the oldest in the world. The Half Dome is so mysterious that it used to be revered by the American Indians who once occupied this area.

The waterfalls will take your breath away. Choose your route on the park-map and prepare yourself to experience first-hand the energy of the Yosemite Falls: dizzying heights and guaranteed thrills. When you say a Force of Nature!

Even the famous Redwoods of California reach their tallest height in the Yosemite Valley, and around the area of Mariposa Groove, there is the famous Grizzly Giant, a 210 foot tall (64 meters) redwood, just to understand its height let’s picture a 21-story building!

Yosemite is the Californian Park that offers worldwide records and grandiose nature. Prepare your sneakers and your comfy clothes, Yosemite Park awaits you in all its beauty! And of course, do not forget your camera!