The Best Time to Travel to Miami & South Florida

Climate - Weather - Average Temperatures

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, so, it shouldn't be a surprise that we have warm sunny days year-round with mild/warmer winters. This is the main reason why plenty of Seniors from the northern states of the US, and not only them, go down to South Florida to vacation during the cold winter season -- the Snowbirds!

As you can see, Florida is a "longer" rather than "wider" state, so we will have some differences between the north and south Florida's climates. If you are visiting Orlando and North Florida read our article -- Weather and Climate in Orlando.

If, on the other hand, your destination is South Florida with Miami and maybe the Keys, you will find that winter temperatures in the South go up by several degrees compared to the Central and Northern regions of FL. However, the climate remains tropical, with long, humid summers and abundant rainfall.

Let's see the Temperatures and Rainfall in Miami

If winter in Miami has warmer temperatures, summer has less rainfall than North Florida, especially by the ocean.

Summer in Miami

Summer in Miami starts end of April/May and lasts until October, it is hot and muggy. A little relief is found by the ocean, but be careful to protect yourself from the sun and hydrate the body by drinking plenty of water.

All summer activities you can do during the day are usually beach and water-related such as sailing, fishing trips, surfing, paddle surfing, windsurfing and such. Jet skis and high-speed motorboat rides are very popular, for those who have not seen Miami Vice, you will see plenty of those around ... swimming and snorkeling are popular especially in the Keys, and to finish up, lounging on your beach chair under the umbrella is never tiring!

If you want to know more about the famous Miami's Nightlife, you may want to read our article -- Clubs, Lounges, and Bar in Miami - What you need to know.


Winter in Miami

Winter, from December to March, is the dry season and certainly the best time for a trip to Miami. You will still be able to enjoy the sun and the ocean, but with lower temperatures and less rain. All the activities that we have listed for the summer could be done even during the winter season. However, it may not always be ideal for a beach vacation, as some days can get quite colder with strong winds and you never know until you get there. So the winter season is recommended for visiting the surrounding areas of Miami, maybe go to the Keys and the Everglades park, and you can enjoy the beach on the days when it's warmer and sunny.

Spring and Fall in Miami

These are two very short seasons, just 3 months -- March, April, and November. In the two spring months, the maximum temperatures reach 85F/27-28C degrees but the climate is drier with less rain. The same for November. So, if you want to plan a beach vacation in South Florida with the possibility of some mini-tours to visit the surrounding areas, these are the perfect months!

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