Miami Seaquarium: swimming with dolphins and seals

Miami Seaquarium: swimming with dolphins and seals

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Discover the magnificent Seaquarium, Miami’s Marine Park where there are different shows every day with dolphins, killer whales, seals and much more, the magic of the sea for adults and children.

Admission Ticket includes the possibility of watching 8 different shows with marine animals including dolphins, killer whales, sea lions, turtles and manatees, commonly known as sea cows. You can spend the entire day at Miami Seaquarium discovering the wonders of the sea.


A full day of shows and exhibits at Miami Seaquarium.
A great way for young and old alike to have an unforgettable experience
Dolphins, killer whales, sea lions, turtles and manatees
Swimming with the Dolphins and Seals


Dolphin Odyssey will let you experience the thrill of swimming with dolphins. With this program you can join a staff of marine instructors to discover the life of dolphins up close.

A short 15-minute lesson will explain the most interesting aspects of their unique behavior before you get into the water then you will swim for 30 minutes in direct contact with a dolphin to experience the excitement of swimming with them. You can touch them, feed them and play with the dolphin and swim across the pool. And, naturally, you can take photos.

All participants must understand English or Spanish to be able to understand the instructor’s directions. Participants must be at least 132 cm tall. Guests should bring their own bathing suits. Participants are not permitted to wear jewelry.

The Dolphin Encounter is an educational program on dolphins where you can learn more about the life of these splendid animals and their habits. Its starts with a 15-minute lesson explaining how dolphins live and eat and how to behave in the pool.

Then you’ll go to the shallow water pool where you can feed the dolphins, touch them and play under the guidance of your instructor. All participants must understand English to be able to understand the instructor’s directions. Children age 5 and up can participate.

This seal program is a unique deep and shallow water interaction with harbor seals. After enjoying a brief educational and safety talk with one of our seal trainers, you will join the seals in the water. During your interaction , you will be swimming freely alongside our seals then be instructed to your special seal friend to receive hugs, kisses, and take part in a fun training session. Children must be at least 5 year old and be able to swim

Family members who do not participate in the DOLPHIN ODYSSEY or ENCOUNTER and SEAL SWIM program but who wish to watch must purchase a SEAQUARIUM OBSERVER Ticket



  • Admission Ticket:
  • Adult $55.00
  • Child 3-9 years $44.00
  • Dolphin Odyssey
  • Adult $250.00
  • The Dolphin Encounter
  • Adult $195.00
  • Child 3-9 years $148.00
  • This seal program
  • Adult $195.00
  • Child 3-9 years $148.00
  • Adult $65.00
  • Child 3-9 years $52.00


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