Coral Gables Venetian Pool & The Biltmore Hotel – What you need to know

Coral Gables is one of the most beautiful residential neighborhoods in Miami, the main street is Miracle Mile and it features many shops and restaurants, and interesting historical buildings such as the Biltmore Hotel (1926) and the Venetian Pool.
Index: Coral Gables Venetian Pool & The Biltmore Hotel – What you need to know

Landmarks in Coral Gables

At the Biltmore Hotel, you can admire the Hall and the beautiful lush gardens and the famous golf course. I recommend a drink at the Poolside Bar, still the largest pool in the United States.

This Hotel has had among its guests the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Ginger Rogers, Frank Sinatra and many American presidents including Franklin D . Roosevelt .. and last but not least the gangsters like Al Capone. The elegant Hotel is adorned by frescoes, paintings and vaulted ceilings, shiny travertine floors, fine marble columns, glass windows, carved mahogany furniture and sumptuous gardens. Read more 

Map Coral Gables with Biltmore Hotel and Venetian Pool


Venetian Pool

The other place you must visit in Coral Gables is the Venetian Pool that recalls a corner of the Venetian lagoon: the Venetian Pool was created in 1924 by Phineas Paist. Celebrities like Johnny Weismuller and Esther Williams used to relax poolside, and when you visit the pool you can trace its history including original photos and historic documents. 


Don’t leave Coral Gable without walking down De Soto Boulevard where you have the opportunity to admire the beautiful villas and mansions hidden among the lush tropical vegetation.

You can easily reach Coral Gables with a 25-minute drive from Miami South Beach, however, there is no direct public transportation. We suggest the Hop on Hop Off Buses  or a City Tour that will take you to Coral Gables, The Biltmore and the Venetian Pool, and as always you are free to get off the bus and explore the area and hop aboard the following bus giving you the opportunity to explore the area at your complete leisure. The City Tour also feature a stop in Little Havana to discover the Cuban Miami.
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