The Everglades – What you need to know

What you need to know

The Everglades National Park covers more than 1,500,000 acres of land and is the largest tropical wilderness in the US.

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It was established in 1934 to rebuild, protect and preserve the very fragile Everglades ecosystem that was suffering greatly, and on the verge of extinction, due to the frantic, unchecked, irresponsible human activity of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The Everglades are a network of wetland and forest, mainly of mangroves, that is fed by the Lake Okeechobee waters flowing southwest into the Florida Bay. This ecosystem is indeed one of the most important ecosystems left today in the entire world, protecting more than 36 endangered species including the American Crocodile, the Florida Panther, and the West Indian Manatee. In the past 20 years so much has been done in effort to restore the Everglades to its original grandeur; and today the Park is home to, and protects, more than 360 bird species providing them a much-needed natural and safe environment; the park is also home to 50 species of reptiles, 40 species of mammals and more than 300 species of fresh and saltwater fishes. Each year, new bird species come back to the Everglades during the migratory season for the first time in decades showing how much progress the Restoration has been able to achieve so far.

The Everglades is only one of three locations in the entire world to have been declared a World Heritage Site, an International Biosphere Reserve and a Wetland of International Importance. The Park is visited by more than one million people every year.

If you are visiting Miami, even for just a few days, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit this incredible Natural Wonder. There are many excursions departing from Miami and South Beach that will take you to the heart of the Everglades; you will admire incredible bird species, the famous alligators, and many other animals.

Many of these activities include the airboat ride across the Everglades so you can see with your eyes the world’s largest forest of mangroves. Some of the tours also offer the possibility to visit the Native American tribe and museum located in the Everglades.

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