San Francisco: What to do in 3 Days – Tips by Claudia Ciardulli



You have planned a few days off to visit San Francisco, and now you want to know what places you shouldn’t miss for anything in the world. You landed in the right place, this post is just for you! I chose a list of attractions of San Francisco, some typical other less so to have a nice plethora of places loved by the tourists and those loved by the locals!

Before we begin, I have a tip for y’all: to enjoy the sightseeing you need comfortable shoes and layered clothing, I mean from the Tank-Top and T-shirt to the Parka … I mean everything!


A visit to Alcatraz is a must! Book in advance your Tour and Ferry Ticket and be ready to live a really interesting experience. Alcatraz was a maximum security prison for over 30 years home to many mysteries and thrilling legends. Alcatraz Island standing right there, motionless, in the middle of San Francisco Bay is ready to welcome you with “open arms” and share many tales of its infamous “guests”. Al Capone, does this name ring a bell? After the visit to Alcatraz, you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the entire Bay and over the San Francisco’s Skyline right from the ferry getting closer to the docks. Get ready for a nice walk once you arrive! You arrive at Pier 39, I recommend to walk along the bay to reach the Pier 1, the famous Embarcadero.

The pier is one of the favorite places where the residents, of all ages, love to do one of their favorite activities: jogging! Watching the joggers, even the laziest tourist would want to start running! Once you arrive at Pier 1, get inside the building Embarcadero and relax in the farmer’s market of local organic products, you can choose between a wine tasting or some California sushi rolls!


The Golden Gate Bridge is the symbol of San Francisco and you cannot not cross it! On foot or by bike, your choice, the feeling will not change. It’s a 1.7-mile long journey of thrilling heights, stunning views, strong winds and, probably, Karl, the famous fog of San Francisco … and you can rest assured to come home with a precious memory! The walk to reach the entrance of the bridge is surrounded by nature with some great panoramic terraces. You cannot forget two things: windbreaker and camera. Curious to know what’s right under the bridge? Just below the first pylon, on the side of Fort Point, a favorite spot for all surfers of San Francisco awaits you. It’s just like a movie: waves, surfers and a postcard view.


Tourists or locals, it makes no difference, they all love the atmosphere of the Golden Gate Park, the largest and most famous park in the city. With approximately 6.2 mile of bike paths, one million trees and the largest museums of the city, this park is a real jem and a source of pride for all the residents (think that’s even bigger than the fellow Central Park in New York!) From downtown to the ocean, the Golden Gate Park extends for about 3 miles and how you will “live it” it’s entirely up to you. You can choose from a bike ride, a pedal boat ride in the lake, a visit to the Japanese Garden, a peek to the local bisons (yes, you read that right, in this huge park there are also bisons) or do it like me — with a typical picnic basket, a book in your bag and just the right tree!